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Green to the people

Michele De Lucchi



Michele De Lucchi

A large table, small and large native plants, a fundraiser, a team of witnesses, trees in the city. GREEN SQUARE 2020: generosity, hope and future.

A table from which to start, plants as bearers of values, thinking about others means thinking about everyone, Bergamo City of Landscape, together we are stronger. From these simple thoughts the idea for Green Square 2020, in an extraordinary edition of Landscape Festival, signed by Arketipos and dedicated to everyone and the future.

The idea of the installation is inspired by values such as sharing and generosity, and sees the association Arketipos at the center of a great collective action, the starting point was the reflection on the landscape, always the center of Landscape Festival (this year now in its tenth edition), and on plants, best possible witnesses of history and future.

The design of the table was entrusted to the architect-designer Michele De Lucchi who donated the project as a sign of great sensitivity and sharing in the objectives of the Landscape Festival 2020. From the design point of view, we thought of a large element (measures assumed 2.5 x 35 m with counter height to be able

work also standing) formed by various modules, then, at the end of the event, in many smaller tables, to make them more usable and allocate them to charity. For the production part, the contact with Pedrali, a historical partner of the event, was activated by Arketipos.

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