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The project of  
Silvia Ghirelli

The Landscape Festival arrives in Brescia 


The preview of the installation in Piazza Boni from 7 to 24 September will be presented during the Design Week in Milan.  The intervention of landscape architect Silvia Ghirelli, in collaboration with Landscape Festival, will be part of the installation L'Oasi Microarchitettura, curated by Massimo Iosa Ghini for Felis.  An exercise in search of meaning that wants to be a manifesto of simple answers to today’s needs. Protection from context without losing permeability and the ability to dialogue between internal and external. The pavilion will develop with concentric trajectory where plant essences will be placed in pots that will create a green curtain on the perimeter walls of the installation, accompanying the visitor until the focus of the project, the Float sofa. The pavilion wants to represent, for the visitor, a unique sensory experience: its helical shape and the harmony of fluid design will guide along an en plein air path, bringing man closer to nature. For the first stretch, Silvia Ghirelli has selected a particular variety of bamboo that will draw an elegant texture in space and along the path; continuing, the visitor will find himself surrounded by lush plants with large green leaves, symbolizing the magnificence of nature and suggesting a growing sense of peace within the installation. 

"I imagined an oasis in which not only to take refuge, but where it is possible to regenerate, as a pilgrimage to oneself, to open up to the world." Silvia Ghirelli comments "The species of plants identified build a harmonious path that is the result of the encounter between architecture and nature, suggesting the very essence of the meaning of landscape."

An intervention that will be developed on a large scale also in Brescia, in Piazza Boni, during the Landscape Festival, through labyrinthine interventions diluted in the city, linked to the concept of "finding oneself after being lost".

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