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Grow together

one project, two cities:
gamo & Brescia

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The Landscape Festival 2023 is part of the Bergamo Brescia Capital of Italian Culture 2023 as the reference event to address the theme of landscape and environment in the context of challenges and possible solutions for a rebirth of territories as much rich in history, of economy, knowledge and culture.

Starting from the opportunity to show the world the hidden treasures of Bergamo and Brescia, the unique culture, artistic, historical and landscape heritage, as well as the ability to have shared their best qualities to cope with difficult times, the scientific committee of the Landscape Festival has identified in "Grow Together - Growing Together" the theme of 2023.

Grow together with the landscape, as people, as a community, as humanity, but also grow together as cities, Bergamo and Brescia. Taking care of the landscape means knowing how to create harmony between the presence of man, architecture and nature.

In this edition will be told about remarkable landscape projects that have been able to integrate man with historical and contemporary architecture and with nature, welcoming the challenges of our time but always looking to the future.

To understand how the landscape can be the common reference to identify new sustainable ways to live together it is necessary to read and interpret a moment of historical transformation of Italy in the context of the global ecological transition.

The new works favoured by the Plan financed by Europe will have an inevitable impact on the landscape: to avoid the paradox of compromising the landscape in the right battle for the environment, it is necessary to govern the transformation with reforms that bring shared rules, updated skills and effective tools for development, but also and above all with a protection that does not prohibit but accompanies change.

It’s necessary to discover contemporary references, thanks to the many virtuous experiences in the world, to enhance the ability to wisely manage the ecological transaction, reflect between public and private on the landscape of the future, to design and cultivate to foster a more balanced relationship between Man and Nature, understand how to plan to balance development and protection in a project involving citizens, companies and the policy of responsibility to build a good future for generations to come.


With these objectives, the Landscape Festival 2023 will bring the culture of the landscape in the two capitals, with a Green Square of Bergamo curated by the renowned Berlin studio Topotek 1 and with that of Brescia signed by landscape architect Silvia Ghirelli, as well as a rich schedule of talks, training events, workshops and exhibitions designed to seize this extraordinary opportunity to "grow together".

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