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Grow together Grow green / 10k+

The installation Grow Together Grow Green / 10k+ will be presented between 17-26 April in Interni Design Re-Evolution at Fuorisalone 2023 in Milan, as a precursor of the Landscape Festival in Bergamo.


As a live artistic space and social tool, the project rethinks the way we relate to each other and influence our environment, offering the potential of a dynamic process based on participation, the chance to Grow Together Grow Green. The project is conceived as an interactive and replicable intervention that will be tested for the first time at Milan’s Fuorisalone. Aligned with the festival motto, the installation titled Grow Together Grow Green is a modular structure, covered with seedlings typical in the region, which will be distributed during the days of the event.


These 6,000 trees will initially cover the installation, but will gradually disappear when visitors register by clicking on the link below, and then acquire a map on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 April. These will initially cover the installation, but will gradually disappear as visitors register by clicking the link below, to acquire a seedling. The registration aims for a sense of responsibility, as by registering you declare yourself willing to take care of the seedling and to document its growth process with the hashtag #growtogethergrowgreen, ensuring that the intervention is carried out through collective and conscious participation. 


The small trees that will remain on the installation will be kept inside the North Milan Park in collaboration with the Forestami project, waiting to be permanently planted in autumn, thus enhancing the city spreading the eternal message of Grow Together Grow Green.

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