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Herbert Dreiseitl

Herbert Dreiseitl is an artist, landscape architect, urban planner and law professor. His focus is on creating liveable cities around the world. He is an internationally respected professional with a focus on stimulating and innovative use of water to solve urban environmental challenges, connecting technology with aesthetics and encouraging people to take care of and appropriate places.
He has created innovative contemporary projects in the field of climate resilience, stormwater management, urban planning and landscape architecture, such as Berlin Potsdamer Platz with Renzo Piano, Tanner Springs Park, Portland Oregon USA, and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in Singapore. He holds conferences all over the world and is the author of numerous publications.
In 1980 he founded the Atelier Dreiseitl, a globally integrated design studio, renowned for its extensive experience in urban design, landscape architecture and resilient ecological planning. Atelier Dreiseitl then evolved into Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, now Henning-Larsen.
Herbert also led the "Liveable Cities Lab" (LCL), a think-tank located within the Ramboll Group International.

Today Herbert is an independent consultant for cities around the world. It integrates regenerative processes and design into diverse interventions that address site needs, rooted in community-based urban planning, nature-based solutions, blue-green infrastructure, and environmentally sensitive engineering.
He has played a pivotal role in initiating and influencing several important movements, such as the WSUD, the ABC Water Guidelines for Singapore and the Cloudburst projects in metropolises such as Copenhagen, Oslo, New York City, Seattle, Portland Oregon USA, Hamburg, Vienna, Basel and many more.

He also led research initiatives with respected institutions such as MIT, Harvard GSD, NUS and Zeppelin University, with the goal of successfully implementing blue-green infrastructure in densely populated cities globally.

Herbert and his wife Bettina founded DREISEITLconsulting GmbH, where they currently provide workshops and consultancy to numerous initiatives in cities around the world, improving their projects with a particular focus on climate resilience and regenerative conditions in the context.

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