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Forgotten landscape

Cassian Schmidt


Cassian Schmidt_edited.jpg

Forgotten Landscape is the focus of the 2022 edition of Landscape Festival, a theme through which we want to discover how the landscape that surrounds us influences and guides us and how it is possible, starting from that same landscape, rediscover our roots, emphasizing the Genius Loci. The thought of Green Square 2022 starts from these ideas and will be developed thanks to a research of the flora of Bergamo, then widening towards other landscapes, verses other 'Forgotten landscape'. The project of Green Square 2022 was entrusted, for the first time since 2011, a collective, thanks to the collaboration with the school of Weihenstephan (department of the TUM School of Life Sciences of the Technical University of Munich, located at the Weihenstephan campus in Freising) and sees the extraordinary participation, for the planting, of Cassian Schmidt (Director of the Hermanshoff Garden) and landscape architect Bettina Jaugstetter.

Cassian Schmidt


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