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From nature to nature

Nigel Dunnett


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Nigel Dunnett

Ecology, functionality and beauty. Harmonious integration between nature and human intervention. Love, honor, support, study, cherish and no longer destroy. 

Live with. Tap without affecting, take care of the climate, safeguard species, restore varieties,  re-use, reactivate the green cycle in arid lands, reverse the trend of the pollution process. Respecting nature means also and above all building a future, acting on the present. 

The eleventh edition of Landscape Festival starts from these concepts, as fundamental as they cannot be postponed.

The goal of Green Square 2021 and Landscape Festival, thanks to the project of Dunnett, is to imagine environments as natural as possible, measured and designed with care, weighted in rhythms and colors, in the harmonious alternation of essences and shapes, pleasant interaction and contemplation. Transformed urban spaces, able to guarantee encounters with nature and between people, maintaining the safety standards required by the moment. Landscapes capable of being sustainable.


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