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Plant landscape

Piet Oudolf


Piet Oudolf 4 Photography Wilco van Dijen © Terra Lannoo Publishers_edited.jpg

Piet Oudolf

A return from the general to the particular is proposed, starting from the kaleidoscopic vocabulary of which the Landscape is composed, or from the original "words" placed at the base of nature and any "narration" of the landscape: the plants.

The billions of plants on the planet today play a fundamental role in improving microclimate conditions, combating pollution, consolidating soil and regulating water courses. Taken from their natural environment, however, and invited to become the natural raw material for the construction of a garden, a park, a small or large-scale urban landscape, often fail to play the same role as protagonists in nature. 

In fact, plants, once removed from their wild natural habitat, or from the tamed nature of a nursery, to start again as protagonists of the new life, need the support of a conscious and fundamental action that helps them: the project.                                        

Every landscape project cannot be separated from a rational green element design, based on accurate knowledge and selection of plants. Talking about a project aware of the composition of the landscape, starting from the naturalistic intelligence that is manifested in love and absolute knowledge of plants, means to direct the thought on the talent of the plant designer recognized as absolute authority in his field: Piet Oudolf (NL).


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