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Wild landscape

Stefan Tischer



Stefan Tischer

This year’s focus comes from the reflection, within the human-nature interaction, on planning and spontaneity within the landscape, on order and disorder we could say, Intuiting that the first is not the privilege of human intervention and the second - even when this is evident in nature - is not necessarily the case, as demonstrated by the balanced complexities of ecosystems. This reflection flows into the awareness that the "wild garden" does not exist, as it is however born from the rational action of man, from a project that organizes and composes the materials present in nature.  Therefore to propose the theme of the Wild Landscape means first of all to manifest a paradox and to provoke around this a reflection: what does "designing wild" mean? Probably including the wild element in the design of a landscape means giving space to the latent and increasingly explicit need of contemporary man to relate to nature and to "import" it in an evident way in everyday life. It means first of all to consider the complexity and biodiversity of a territory and then to represent it in an eloquent and aesthetically valid way. 


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