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Piazza Dante - Bergamo

Designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, the open pavilion formed by wooden strips finishes an enveloping and protective environment where you can regenerate. The installation shows how you can think of the project inspired by plant organisms to create a space with a beating heart 

that connects man and nature through light and natural materials, the movement of air and sensory perception. The green setting was designed by Clinica Botanica, the short-chain sustainable nursery in Milan, which promotes only native and regenerated plants and flowers.


The project L’Oasi Microarchitettura by architect Massimo Iosa Ghini was presented on the occasion of the exhibition INTERNI Design 

Re-Evolution (17-26.04.2023) in the spaces of the Università degli Studi di Milano during the Milano Design Week.


Allestimento verde / greenery setting up Clinica Botanica 

con/with FMG Shapes, G.D. Ingegneri Associati, Intro, Sistem Costruzioni 


Piazza Dante - Bergamo

Designed by Parisotto+Formenton Architetti, the relaxation  area  is  characterized by a contemporary design made of essential lines and volumes juxtaposed. It looks like a monochrome island set up with geometric compositions of benches and vases of monolithic appearance, Campiello (design Studio 63) and spatially defined as an open-air room by a horizontal platform and low partitions covered with the three-dimensional panels Tondo and Querini (design Elisa Ossino). All these elements, thanks to the different surface finishes 

and three-dimensional effects, play with light and shadows enhancing the characteristic materiality of the experiment in its almost lithic connotations.

The project Urban Stage by Parisotto + Formenton Architetti was presented during the exhibition 

INTERNI Design Re-Evolution (17-26.04.2023) in the spaces of the Università degli Studi di Milano  during the Milano Design Week.


realizzazione / produced by Cimento 

luci /light Qu


Antico Lavatoio via Mario Lupo, Città Alta - Bergamo

Bergamo and Brescia are cities full of similarities and scenarios featuring the same climatic and environmental challenges. Today more than ever, as Capital of Culture 2023, they take on the innovative thought of “growing together”. Between dynamism and inclination to modernity, their city centres do not lose their contamination with the lake, forest and agricultural landscape. “Trame di paesaggi” is an installation showcasing these territories, their stories and their changes. A project created to offer an immersive experience in the landscape we live in daily, with nature and its adaptability, in order to know how to inhabit it and grow together accordingly. Pedrali collections enrich this evocative place: Nolita chaise longue and lounge armchairs by CMP Design and the Souvenir chairs by Eugeni Quitllet are combined with the Elliot tables by Patrick Jouin. Giravolta, Time Out and Happy Apple lamps by Basaglia Rota Nodari light up the space. 

Installation Pedrali by OLOS Atelier

2.3_DSCF6644(G2) copia.jpg

Piazza della Cittadella, Città Alta

The parenthesis is the sign of interposing. Insert a sentence without grammatical links, but with a strict logical sense with the one that houses it.

Out; Manuel Cicchetti’s Intermediate Time flows, photographs that from North to South, in Italy, are recognition of places of progress and production insensitive to tomorrow. Active structures, others abandoned, leave the scratch of an interlude that today asks for a solution.

Inside; the millions of trees crashed by the climatic storm Vaia, October 2018. In the photos of Manuel Cicchetti and in the texts of Angelo Miotto the broken trees tell us about the terror of that night. And also the hope, however, of living a new beginning. It is not the tree, but man who receives an extreme warning: change course.

Parenthesis Vaia; everything is held and says that it is possible, as the gems sing, to reverse course.

Photographs by Manuel Cicchetti 

Words of Angelo Miotto


fornitura pannelli espositivi / supply of panels Ditta I Pan

progetto fotografico / photo project Denis Curti

progetto creativo / creative project The Music Company Srl

coordinamento / coordination Olga Bachschmidt

progetto grafico / graphic project Due mani non bastano

Sponsor DWF Studio legale


DYNAMO: sole, energia, vita. OVUNQUE
Piazza Cittadella, Città Alta - Bergamo

DYNAMO ®  is a brand developed by Verde21 SpA, Benefit Company based on values of innovation, respect for the environment and energy efficiency. It deals with the production and marketing of design photovoltaic sculptures that transform solar energy in residential, corporate and urban services. The installations in such a suggestive context, are aimed at demonstrating how plants producing electricity from completely renewable sources, are compatible with the aesthetic standards of a historic village. The photovoltaic sculptures are perfectly integrated into the artistic framework, proving how it is possible to adopt sustainable systems with zero impact, without disfiguring the surrounding environment, thus creating the prerequisites for the increasingly desirable concept of “Energy Landscape”. Thanks to sunlight, we produce energy for life, everywhere.



second chance


Ex Ateneo di Scienze Lettere ed Arti

Piazza Reginaldo Giuliani, Città Alta - Bergamo

As the architect reimages the material giving it new functions, so the clothes are born from materials brought back to life. Art has the duty to communicate sustainability and attention to the environment. The faces of the students of the Liceo Artistico Fantoni refer to the desire for an involvement of the school population. We try to overcome the contrast between ethnic groups; the clothes do not lead to a social status and do not allow to identify a precise rank.

The installation, as in the principles of Topotek 1, combines three forms of experience:  

• intellectual, in the design and management of public space;

• visual, through digital animations;

• body, thanks to the mannequins, faces and involvement of visitors.

Clothes change the “shape” of the people who wear them, as well as architectural interventions transform public and private spaces.




Officina della comunicazione


Piazza Mascheroni, Città Alta - Bergamo

A garden to discover, where to enter and find your own “place”. A garden to “stay” and benefit from the regenerating effects of nature. The recollection, the silent presence of the trees in the woods, the calm of the coming autumn, the mysterious company of little imaginary animals that have found shelter and food here. As in a house you enter through the portal; the forest is home, a place that resonates with vital ancestral energy. The hoopoe, guide and messenger of the invisible world, watches over the entrance. The walls are fruit trees and shrubs to feed birds and mammals. A few steps to reach the forest of birches, cosmic trees “guardians of the door”, and there is reflected in the large mirror, framed by the second portal. Reflecting to reflect: a portal that does not open to the material world but reveals to man his place in the ecosystem.


thanks to piazza mascheroni

trasporto / transport Italtrans

impianti / electrical system Bergamo Elettroimpianti

architetto esecutivo / executive architect Katuscia Ratto

logistica / logistics Massimo Bonetti



MO.CA – Corte Interna - BRESCIA

 In the courtyard of the palace will be built a large flower bed that will have in the center a room with green walls, made with hornbeam plants (Carpinus betulus). A wooden sculpture representing a seed will be the heart of the installation. The remaining areas of the court will be furnished with tables and seats dedicated to socializing. Being the fulcrum of the Arketipos event in Brescia, an infopoint will be set up here that will provide information on the events of the Festival. The reception of the participants will be at the porch; the space will be set up with herbaceous plants in pots and educational panels depicting the root system. On the main floor, the exhibition dedicated to the figure and projects of the landscape painter Ghirelli, and Other Paradigms, exhibition of the artists Marco Nones and Sergio Camin: a dialogue of the two artists between labyrinths and Rebirth.



Piazza Bruno Boni - BRESCIA

Together with MO.CA, Piazza Bruno Boni will be the heart of the event. Here will be set up a “multi-sensory maze garden” with background music designed ad hoc. At the center of the labyrinth will be a table 10 meters long from which emerge cypresses to form a barrier that, gradually thinning out, will allow participants to look, get to know each other and socialize.

The square towards the side porch of the Corsia del Gambero will be set up with large pots of ornamental herbs, among which they know placed seats and tables to accommodate the public. The porch will be furnished with plants and a series of special panels that, thanks to the movement of the air caused by the passage of people, will emit sounds. Portico of Corsia del Gambero

In the portion of the portico leading to Corso Zanardelli will be placed panels illustrating the squares made in the 12 buildings of the Landscape Festival by the most authoritative international landscape designers.



Piazza Sant’Alessandro - BRESCIA

The square facing MO.CA will be furnished with plants and herbs placed in order to direct visitors towards the interior of the building.

The exhibition will be attended by two sculptural artists accompanied by a Belgian gardening teacher.



Parrocchia di San Lorenzo - BRESCIA

The churchyard of the Parish of San Lorenzo will see the insertion of olive trees, in addition to the existing ones, aromatic herbs and flowers. Panels with biblical phrases chosen by the priest himself will decorate the base of the plants. On the wall in front of the parish (corner of Via Moretto), will be placed fibrocement panels with illustrations on the theme of energy and climate change.

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