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Zero waste

The food that unites, that welcomes, that harmonizes souls, that regenerates and regenerates.

Fifteen local Bergamo Alta that have adhered with immediacy to the gastronomic project that accompanies the annual review of The Masters of the Landscape (map of premises pp. 12, 13) with dishes that often highlight a "link of food" between Bergamo and Brescia, but always have one of the three characteristics of the "recovery dishes": using, enhancing, the parts considered less noble as the fifth quarter of meat or vegetable leaves; recover dishes or ingredients of the day before, giving them life and turning them into delicious dishes; they use recipes from the memory of Brescia or Bergamo that are part of our common cultural heritage and must be preserved. Recipes that can be enjoyed during the street food of 8 September from 19 or from 7 to 24 September in restaurants.

De Cibo, a non-profit association that wants to deepen the history and culture of food and wine, coordinated the Connection Food project with Arketipos.

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